• Unafraid to Dream: Motivational Poems

    unAFRaID TO DrEAM: MOTIVATIONAL pOEMS (paperback book)

    Seeking strength for your journey? In Unafraid to Dream: Motivational Poems, Sylvia Green a.k.a. Sincere Scribe™ boosts our spirits with her soul-stirring poems. Her encouraging words inspire us with messages of optimism while assuring us that our lives hold purpose. She charges us to carry a vision and pursue our dreams with perseverance and the expectation of achieving success. She urges us to endeavor for excellence in all of our undertakings. Unafraid to Dream is a must read for all.


    "I encourage everyone who feels their lives are stagnant to order a copy of [Unafraid to Dream: Motivational Poems]."
    ​—​Karen Gardner Alexander

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    Sylvia a.k.a. Sincere Scribe™

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    Need inspiration? Sylvia L. Green (Chatman) a.k.a. Sincere Scribe™ is the one for the mission. Called to create and inspire, Sylvia fully recognized her gift of creative communication while in her late teens. During this time, she developed a relationship with God and began serving in her local church by sharing poems for Youth Day. Endowed with creativity, Sylvia now utilizes her God-given talents of writing, graphic design, music, and speech to uplift, disperse knowledge, and promote excellence.


    In fulfilling her mission, Sylvia has published two books, Unafraid to Dream: Motivational Poems and Gift of Life: Inspirational Poems, contributed poems to five Gumbo for the Soul anthologies, and owns and operates the graphic design studio, Diva Designsmith, LLC. Some of her common themes include faith, God, dreams, family, love, etc. In her poem, "A Single Lifetime," she states, "If I can manage, to influence someone, a significant deed I shall have done."

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    "​I remember you back in the day at [the] Church of the Living God—enough praise to bring heaven down to earth! Then, I would see you standing outside Piggly Wiggly selling your poems and would think about the courage it took to stand out [there], but you were relentless! I see you now, and you have achieved so much, realized your dream, authoring and publishing books, and still remaining a woman of great integrity, character, and grace. Truly, God is with you, and I applaud your tenacity. You rock, Lady." —​Tara Shelton

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