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  • Passion for Poetry

    "Sylvia Chatman did what many do not have the courage to do: She left her job at City Court earlier this year [2013] to pursue her true passion. In her case, it's poetry!"
    Taylor Schoen, Reveille
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    Motivate with Unafraid to Dream
    Unafraid to Dream: Motivational Poems

    Unafraid to Dream: Motivational Poems

    Seeking strength for your journey? Then, UNAFRAID TO DREAM: MOTIVATIONAL POEMS by Sylvia Green Chatman (Sincere Scribe) is the book for you! In UNAFRAID TO DREAM, Sylvia boosts our spirits with her motivational mantras. Her encouraging words inspire us with messages of optimism, assuring us that our lives hold purpose. She charges us to carry a vision and pursue our dreams with perseverance, expecting to achieve success. She also urges us to endeavor for excellence in all of our undertakings. UNAFRAID TO DREAM is an uplifting must read for all—the young and the old. Motivate yourself today!
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    Beacon in a Dark World

    "My name is Billy Mims, and I'm a guitarist for a national act. I just wanted to reach out and thank you. I ran across a very inspiring poem of yours entitled, "An Instrument," and it really struck a deep nerve... I thank you for allowing God to speak through you and for being a beacon in a somewhat dark world. Bless you. Stay encouraged." —Billy Mims

    Follow Her and Support

    “Omg!!!! I'm in tears!!!! This is beautiful! I can't even respond the way [I] want—give me a minute!...This just made me feel all kinds of ways!!! Thank you, Sylvia Chatman. Go read it, follow her, [and] support! Love you for this!..I plan to print it [and] get it framed!” #inmyfeelings ~Tyressa Ty

    Never Gotten So Creative

    "Glorifying your Creator has never gotten this creative until you came with your poetry. I could say this after reading your poem, "Fear Not," which you posted in SheLovesGod.com." —Geraldine Rodeger

    Words Heard Everywhere

    "I have been blessed!! Odd, or should I say, God, how I came upon this page!! You are anointed to feel the pain, speaking life!! Your words need to be heard everywhere." —Melanie Smith

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