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    Let Poetry Inspire You!



    Read my poetry with an open mind.

    Heavenly treasures, within, you will find.

    I teach life lessons with the written word.

    If you listen, the truth you will have heard.


    © 2011 Sylvia aka Sincere Scribe™

    Unafraid to Dream: Motivational Poems by Sylvia Green Chatman

    Unafraid to Dream



    I am unafraid to dream.

    I play for the winning team.

    With God foremost on my list,

    Possibilities exist.


    © 2013 Sylvia aka Sincere Scribe™

    The Gift with Uplift



    With inspired verse in each batch,

    Sincere Scribe prepares poems from scratch.

    They burst with flavor—rhymes galore.

    Try one or two, you will want more.


    © 2012 Sylvia aka Sincere Scribe™

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    Sylvia aka Sincere Scribe

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    Craving inspiration? I am your woman for the mission. Endowed with creativity, I employ my God-given artistic and literary gifts to make people smile. In Robert Hatch's words, "I love inspiring people and helping them reach their potential." In doing so, I have penned poetry for 20 years during occasions such as birthdays, funerals, graduations, pastor's appreciations, youth church services, etc., as well as civic events. I love offering the gift with uplift. My love affair with rhyme began in my late teens when I accepted God into my life and ceased composing secular rap lyrics. In short, as I state in my poem, "Single Lifetime," "If I can manage to influence someone, a significant deed I shall have done."

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    "I have been blessed!! Odd, or should I say, God, how I came upon this page!! You are anointed to feel the pain, speaking life!! Your words need to be heard everywhere." —Melanie Smith

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