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    Sincere Scribe™ feeds the soul "poetry with a heavenly vibe." Her poems burst with flavor—rhymes galore. Sample one piece—you will crave more. Bon appétit!

  • Welcome Words

    Introducing the rhyming restaurant

    With homemade goodness in each batch,

    Sincere Scribe™ prepares poems from scratch.

    They burst with flavor, rhymes galore.

    Sample one piece, you will crave more.


    Since only unique gifts suffice,

    Scribe pens odes with wit in each slice.

    Your thoughts, Scribe will fondly express

    With ingredients to impress.

    Whether children, husbands, or wives,

    To please palates is what Scribe strives.

    From admired teachers to friends,

    On their faces, Scribe inspires grins.


    From birthdays to graduations,

    The Scribe caters to occasions.

    Whatever the date or event,

    All will witness that love you sent.

    If delicious verses you need,

    Scribe can mix a batter with speed.

    Describe the recipe you seek.

    To those you love, Scribe helps you speak.


    Buy poems pre-made or customize.

    Sincere Scribe fits your budget size.

    Want to present a gift with heart?

    Try sharing the poetic art.

    © 2005 Sylvia Green Chatman

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    Order your inspired name poem dish

    Custom Name Poem
    Custom Name Poem
    24.99 - 69.99
    State the occasion that you need to claim
    Providing your desired recipient’s name.
    List savory details that will include
    That special seasoning blend of your mood.

    Using the name and recipe from you,
    We prepare hearty rhymes for your review.
    Read them to decide if you like their taste,
    Checking that the craft leaves a fulfilled face.

    With approval, we finalize the dish—
    Add artful trimmings to make it delish.
    After one more look, we finish the fire,
    Sending your poem gift ready to inspire.

    © 2020 Sylvia G. Chatman

    *Write your poem details in the "Order Notes" section on checkout page.
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    Compliments from satisfied poem tasters


    "I was blown away when this Queen just sent me something with a personal touch. God used her heart to touch mine, and I'm still over here crying my eyes out. This beautiful piece, "Blessed Bullhorn," was designed by her hand, inspired by the hand and heart of God. Amazingly Beautiful! Thank you." ~Kenya S. Harris


    "You hit the nail on the head! This is just how I remember Elder Knighten. I'm going to hang this poem in the church. Every church in the brotherhood should have a copy of this poem." ~Jerry R. Wilhite


    “At a loss for expressing how I felt. Your words are powerful!” ~G. Isaac Martin


    "I'm speechless...WELL SAID! Thank you, Ms. Sylvia."​ ~Tyquincia Jaurdon 

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