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    "A poet is a bird of unearthly excellence, who escapes from his celestial realm arrives in this world warbling.” ~Khalil Gibran


    "Sylvia Chatman did what many do not have the courage to do: She left her job to pursue her true passion. In her case, it's poetry." ~ Reveille

    In her early teens, Sylvia "Sincere Scribe" Green Chatman realized rhyme after hanging around her rapper boyfriend. She briefly copied his example of street performing under the moniker, Sweet Sylvie™. She had intentions to win a rap contest and pursue a career as a hip hop artist. She even compiled an album worth of lyrics, including one piece answering LL Cool J's rap ballad, "I Need l Love." However, she never implemented those plans. Sylvia's lifestyle soon changed.


    At age 15, Sylvia accepted God into her life and ceased composing secular rap lyrics. She went as far as discarding her worldly collection of hip hop songs. Nonetheless, her rhyming ability later resurfaced as poetry writing. She started reading her poems at church programs and community events. She also published her poetry in journals, newspapers, and magazines. That launched Sylvia's journey as a poet. Her current name, Sincere Scribe™, would follow later.

    Penning poetry for over 30 years, Sylvia has authored two books, Gift of Life and Unafraid to Dream. She also contributed poems to several Gumbo for the Soul anthologies. In addition, she placed as a finalist in the AHF Speak Out Spoken Word 2K15 The Poetry Slam Regionals. Plus, one of her verses, "Free to Exist," won over Michael Jackson's niece, Yashi Brown, to include it in "Notice Me," a mental health group poem slated for the Jackson family to add music to it.


    In addition to discovering poetry, Sincere Scribe™ recognized her gift for graphic design. Mating artful images with inspiring words, she now creates custom poems as gifts for celebrations such as birthdays, graduations, memorials, weddings, etc. She shares Robert Hatch's sentiments, "I love inspiring people and helping them reach their potential." In her poem, "Single Lifetime," Sincere Scribe™ states, "If I can manage to influence someone, a significant deed I shall have done."

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