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    "A poet is a bird of unearthly excellence, who escapes from his celestial realm, arrives in this world warbling. If we do not cherish him, he spreads his wings and flies back into his homeland.” —Khalil Gibran

    Sylvia L. Green aka Sincere Scribe™

    poet / author / graphic designer / songwriter / speaker / entrepreneur

    Craving inspiration? Sylvia L. Green aka Sincere Scribe™ is the woman for the mission. Endowed with creativity, she employs her God-given gifts of poetry, graphic design, speaking, and songwriting to enlighten, motivate, and impart joy. She shares Robert Hatch's sentiments, "I love inspiring people and helping them reach their potential."


    Sylvia has penned poetry for over 20 years. Her love affair with rhyme began in her late teens when she accepted God into her life and ceased composing secular rap lyrics. She would then read original poems for monthly Youth Church services and write custom poem tributes for special occasions such as funerals, graduations, and pastor appreciations.


    Sylvia went on to publish poetic works in journals, newspapers, and magazines. She also contributed poems to five Gumbo for the Soul anthologies, as well as self-published two books, Gift of Life: Inspirational Poems and Unafraid to Dream: Motivational Poems. Plus, she later founded the female poetry event, Womanly Words: Poetry from a Female Perspective. In addition, she placed as a finalist in the AHF Speak Out Spoken Word 2K15 The Poetry Slam Regionals, and had some of her lyrics included in verse five of the song, "Notice Me", as a part of a Hookist mental health song collaboration by Poet Yashi Brown, Michael Jackson's niece.


    As you can discern, Sylvia delights in imparting her poetic gift. She states in her poem, "A Single Lifetime," from her book, Gift of Life, "If I can manage to influence someone, a significant deed I shall have done."

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    "I remember you back in the day at [the] Church of the Living God—enough praise to bring heaven down to earth! Then, I would see you standing outside Piggly Wiggly selling your poems and would think about the courage it took to stand out [there], but you were relentless! I see you now, and you have achieved so much, realized your dream, authoring and publishing books, [while] still remaining a woman of great integrity, character, and grace. Truly, God is with you, and I applaud your tenacity. You rock, Lady." —Tara Shelton

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