• Sincere Scribe™ Applause

    “There is not one wise man in twenty that will praise himself.” —William Shakespeare

    "I have been blessed!! Odd, or should I say, God, how I came upon this page!! You are anointed to feel the pain, speaking life!! Your words need to be heard everywhere." —Melanie Smith

    "Blessed be the name of our God who giveth us the victory, which is in Christ Jesus!! It is very good and different to have a poet in our brotherhood. It is helpful to the ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ! Be Encouraged!" —Joshua Wilhite

    "I remember you back in the day at [the] Church of the Living God—enough praise to bring heaven down to earth! Then, I would see you standing outside Piggly Wiggly selling your poems and would think about the courage it took to stand out [there], but you were relentless! I see you now, and you have achieved so much, realized your dream, authoring and publishing books, [while] still remaining a woman of great integrity, character, and grace. Truly, God is with you, and I applaud your tenacity. You rock, Lady." —Tara Shelton

    "Ms. Green: My name is Billy Mims, and I'm a guitarist for a national act. I just wanted to reach out and thank you. I ran across a very inspiring poem of yours entitled, "An Instrument," and it really struck a deep nerve. I have battled most of my adult life with the "world" and surrendering my life to God. Your words made me reflect on the many blessings God has bestowed on me and how he has always been there for me, but I was just too caught up into me to realize that the gifts that he has given me were given for a reason. They would become a powerful force if I were to allow myself to be used as a conduit to inspire others to praise his holy name and be saved from this daily dying world, then maybe in some small way my existence would have been justified on this earth. For these reasons, I thank you for allowing God to speak through you and for being a beacon in a somewhat dark world. Bless you. Stay encouraged." —Billy Mims

    "Keep blessing the community and world with your gift and wonderful spirit. The world needs it! " —Poet Noble

    “I enjoyed all I [saw] and heard. You’re a great women of God.” —​Sandra Thomas-Milton

    "As I sit at my computer, to visit an old familiar website. I ran across your status, and it brought to my spirit much delight. I clicked on the link to your Weebly webpage and scrolled through your site so proud of the progress you've made. Don't ever stop praying, and don't ever stop writing. The Most High has blessed your pen with words that are truly inviting." —Yashica Anderson

    "Thanks! I saw, on a show today with Steve Harvey, how an organization was developed for the youth, and you came to mind. What you have done already has left a positive impact on many. I appreciate and honor both, you and God's gift in you!" —C. J. Simmons

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