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    "Sylvia [Green] did what many do not have the courage to do: She left her job at City Court earlier this year to pursue her true passion. / In her case, it's poetry." ~LSU Reveille


    Need inspiration? Sylvia L. Green aka Sincere Scribe™ is the woman for the mission. Endowed with creativity, she employs her God-given gifts of poetry, graphic design, speech, and songwriting to make a difference in the world. She shares Robert Hatch's sentiments, "I love inspiring people and helping them reach their potential." In doing so, she serves as the owner + word stylist of Sincere Scribe, LLC, a publishing and custom poem writing service. She also owns and operates the design studio, Diva Designsmith, LLC. In addition, she founded and coordinated the female poetry reading event, Womanly Words: Poetry from a Female Perspective,™ and participates in the Annual Women's History Poetry Reading. Moreover, she also serves as an ordained evangelist for her church, First Church of the Living God. In short, as she states in her poem, "Single Lifetime," "If I can manage to influence someone, a significant deed I shall have done."


    Touching many hearts, Sylvia has written inspirational and religious poetry for over 20 years. She began penning verse in her late teens when she accepted God into her life and stopped composing secular rap lyrics. She then prepared and read a poem for her church's monthly youth service every fourth Saturday. In addition, she composed poems for pastor's appreciations, birthdays, funeral services, graduations, welcomes, etc. She even recited one of her occasion poems at the Riverside Centroplex (now The Raising Cane's River Center) for a JTPA Summer Youth culmination program with the theme, "Color Our World." Her poem was "Color Your World."

    "If I can manage to influence someone, a significant deed I shall have done."

    An entrepreneur, Sylvia has self-published two books, Unafraid to Dream: Motivational Poems and Gift of Life: Inspirational Poems. She also contributed poems to five Gumbo for the Soul anthologies: Gumbo for the Soul: A Recipe for Literacy (2007), Gumbo for the Soul: Here's Our ChildWhere's the Village (2008), Gumbo for the Soul: Women of Honor Special Pink Edition (2011), and Gumbo for the Soul: Men of Honor Special Cancer Awareness Issue (2012), and Gumbo for the Soul: 10th Anniversary Celebration (2013). In addition, her poetic works have appeared in two newspapers, The Southern Digest and National African American News (NAAN); and several newsletters, The Greater Capital Area Journal, For Crying Out Loud, Living Word, and United Youth Digest (a newsletter that she published briefly as a youth).

    Sylvia has garnered a couple of awards/honors for her poetry. In 2015, she claimed Third Place for her poem, "Just This One Time," as a Louisiana Finalist for the Speak Out Spoken Word Poetry Slam, an HIV/AIDS awareness event sponsored by the Aids Health Foundation. In 2016, she also entered the Hookist social songwriting event, Reach Out and Touch Somebody. Poet Yashi Brown, Michael Jackson's niece, spearheaded this contest to raise funds to promote mental health awareness. As a part of this song collaboration, Yashi selected a few of Sylvia’s lyrics to include in the song, "Notice Me," as well as dubbed her as The Chosen, an artist favorite. The winning lines read as follows: "Free to be me, free to exist—the urge to die, I can resist."

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    "Thanks! I saw, on a show today with Steve Harvey, how an organization was developed for the youth, and you came to mind. What you have done already has left a positive impact on many. I appreciate and honor both, you and God's gift in you!" —C. J. Simmons

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