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Generational Blessings

Happy Grandparent's Day! An acrostic, occasion poem that Sincere Scribe™ wrote in honor of Grandparents' Day

· Poem,Occasion,Acrostic,Family,Holiday

Generational blessings, you impart,

Releasing family favor from the start.

Anchorage, you supply with your deep roots,

Necessary for developing shoots.

Descendants view you with ancestral prides,

Partaking in your grace as gifted guides.

Ancient wisdom, you offer your offspring,

Recycling customs worth continuing.

Experienced flair, you wield when you teach,

Navigating with seasoned speech.

Timeless treasure, you bestow on each heir,

Steadying your clan’s growth with heartfelt care.

© 2020 Sylvia Green Chatman

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