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Hunt for Healing

Poem of introspection in response to Poetic Asides' prompt to write a hunting poem

· Poem,Relationships,Women,Death,Wisdom

Her hunt for healing, I failed to notice.

Perhaps, I would have tweaked her prognosis.

Her heart throbbed from continual breaking.

I should have empathized with her aching.

Why did I neglect to peer past her smile?

It cloaked her spirit shards stacked in a pile.

Could I have poured glue that mended her whole?

If so, I would have swiftly served my role.

I just accepted her face value scanned,

Missing my one cue to extend a hand.

I lament skimming her persona's top,

Wishing that I had caused her pain to stop.

Unseen, she embraced sudden departure.

Shooting the last arrow, she played archer.

Her mind from weighty burdens, she released.

Hitting her target, she now lay deceased.

I view remains of a hopeless hunter.

Can she sound her message any blunter?

Henceforth, may I attune to subtle needs,

Recognizing when a wounded soul bleeds.

© 2020 Sylvia Green Chatman

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