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    Self-intro poem by Sincere Scribe™

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    "A few words or many,

    Subject could be any,

    Rhyme or maybe free verse—

    See what's in the Scribe's purse!"


    © 2012 Sylvia L. Green

    2018年10月6日 · Poem,Micropoem,Haiku,Love,Relationship
    2018年10月4日 · Poem,Micropoem,God,Faith,LIfestyle
    2018年10月1日 · Poem,Micropoem,October,Winning,Attitude
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  • What People Said

    I remember you back in the day at [the] Church of the Living God—enough praise to bring heaven down to earth! Then, I would see you standing outside Piggly Wiggly selling your poems and would think about the courage it took to stand out [there], but you were relentless!


    I see you now, and you have achieved so much, realized your dream, authoring and publishing books, [while] still remaining a woman of great integrity, character, and grace. Truly, God is with you, and I applaud your tenacity. You rock, Lady. ~Tara Shelton

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