Unafraid to Dream: Motivational Poems by Sylvia Green Chatman (Paperback)
Unafraid to Dream: Motivational Poems by Sylvia Green Chatman (Paperback)
Seeking strength for your journey? In Unafraid to Dream, Sylvia Green Chatman boosts our spirits with her motivational poems. Her encouraging words inspire us with optimism while assuring us that our lives hold purpose. She charges us to carry a vision and pursue our dreams with perseverance and the expectation of achieving success. She urges us to endeavor for excellence in all our undertakings. Unafraid to Dream is an uplifting must read for all.
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"I encourage everyone who feels their lives are stagnant to order a copy." ~Karen Gardner Alexander

"Look what I just purchased and [am] reading—introducing Unafraid To Dream by Sylvia L. Green Chatman—heartfelt poetry of inspiration and motivation. We all need a bit of tweaking every now and then to keep us ticking—endearing and uplifting passages for all ages to appreciate and apply. Congratulations, Sylvia! Job well done!" ~J. Hale Turner

“I just purchased this book of motivational poems. Ones I read in the preview on Amazon [were] very beautiful & inspiring!! Can’t wait to read the rest!!” ~Maxine Billings

"What thoughtful, inspiring verses of motivation! A must read—a must have for an uplifting start or closing of the day." ~Amazon Customer

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